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About Us

ARDEHALI ART ONLINE GALLERY ( Contemporary And Modern Art ),   www.ardehali.art  , as an art and cultural organization, has been formed in response to increasing demands for art and artistic creations. Started its activities at 2010 in different aspects of fine arts ( collecting, dealing,  analyzing, sponsoring ),  with the aim of presenting of Iranian's artist and art works to international markets as well as international arts and artists to Iran's market.

In order to response to demands , for the art and artistic creation, our organization is following essential goals such as introducing artists and artworks, honoring the pioneers and celebrities in art, identifying and attracting young talents, Disseminating the culture of buying and selling artworks, preparing an infrastructure to boost economy of art, focusing on business of art, considering added value of the artworks and taking advantage of a variety of specialized services in art and culture, "which all above will be performed and concluded just with your attention to our goals, as well as collaboration with us".

We provide terrific opportunity to introduce International art to Iran local market among the selected artist and art pieces with a sensitive judge to response the demands of our customers, collectors, and galleries.

In fact our gallery  is to revolutionize the art industry and showcases art from all genres online and in physical galleries, offering artists exposure and global recognition for their artwork.

ARDEHALI ART ONLINE GALLERY's public relation via our online article will keep artists, new and old, updated with global trends whilst also offering insight into this new and exciting marketplace.